Extreme Weather is Tanking the Internet, but a New Approach Holds the Key to a More Resilient Future

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Have you ever lost internet and cell service for a few hours? I can almost guarantee that weather was the reason. You drive around, find coffee and hope that you see utility trucks clearing trees and putting wires back up.

Now imagine that instead of hours, service stayed down for days and weeks. It’s a phenomenon we’re seeing with extreme weather. At first we thought these were singular events. Of course everything went down in Katrina. Then there was Sandy, but that was a Superstorm.

Sandy caused Manhattan and parts of New Jersey to lose internet for weeks. Later, we…

Fear fuels America’s affliction.

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Fear lives in all of us, great and small. It’s essential to our survival, but like the airbag in your car, it’s useful only in dire situations.

These days, even with all the ills of modern life, we have far less to be afraid of than our ancestors who at any moment could die from a simple cold or drinking the wrong water.

Americans are consuming too much fear.

Fear sells, but the consumer becomes the consumed. Darkness spreads as we imbibe it, blinding faith and hope. …

A New Breed of Innovators is Taking Wireless from Art to Science.

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Edwin H. Armstrong, early 20th Century (left) and Jaime Fink (right), Co-Founder of Mimosa Networks

Look at the man on the left, and then on the right. Is that a crazy resemblance or what? I’m guessing that they’re not related, but they do have something in common.

The man on the left, Edwin H. Armstrong (1890–1954), did more to advance radio technology than anyone — even to this day. He figured out how the radio tube worked and then how to amplify and regenerate the signal, later cleaning it up to concert quality with his discovery of FM (frequency modulation). Armstrong’s impact cannot be understated. …

David Theodore

Wireless Internet Pioneer & Co-founder at Climate Resilient Internet, LLC

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