An Earthly Explanation for all the UFO Sightings

Occam’s razor suggests a more plausible answer

David Theodore
2 min readMay 23, 2021

What if those aren’t really UFOs we keep hearing about? Could it be that one of our adversaries has discovered how to “trap light” and cast it into shapes overhead?

MIT wrote about trapping light in 2013. Another story in 2014 talks about quantum teleportation and how researchers teleported light for 15-miles. And these are hardly the earliest or latest reports on the subject.

UFOs seem to defy physics, zipping erratically across the sky. Recent footage appears to show one crashing in the ocean — making no apparent waves — and then emerging as two separate objects.

Instead of alien spacecraft, isn’t it easier to imagine light dancing across the sky, aided by mirrors, computers and low orbit satellite? We only need to envision it formed into shapes and cast without a trailing beam.

Many of us think aliens may be casing us, like a thief cases a neighborhood, but what if a more earthly motive is at play?

For instance, let’s say you’re the Russians or the Chinese and you’re overwhelmed by U.S. military superiority. You’re never catching up and you don’t have a chance in any conventional sense. The “little guy” always has to be more resourceful, right?

So imagine if they could get U.S. national security off kilter, feigning an epic distraction — like a concerted UFO invasion of all our military bases — and while we’re off chasing orbs of light, our adversaries exploit our distraction to stir shit up elsewhere?

What do you think?



David Theodore

Wireless Ethernet Pioneer & Co-founder at Climate Resilient Internet, LLC