The Wages of Fear are Political Division

David Theodore
2 min readNov 18, 2020

Fear fuels America’s affliction.

Fear lives in all of us, great and small. It’s essential to our survival, but like the airbag in your car, it’s useful only in dire situations.

These days, even with all the ills of modern life, we have far less to be afraid of than our ancestors who at any moment could die from a simple cold or drinking the wrong water.

Americans are consuming too much fear.

Fear sells, but the consumer becomes the consumed. Darkness spreads as we imbibe it, blinding faith and hope. Fear is the unraveling of reason and the abdication of love.

Fear is why we burned women at the stake and less than a century ago, fed people into gas chambers. Fear has no age or epoch.

Fear is why we spend so much on the military, relative to other societal needs. Fear is why many of us have become so shrill and suspicious of each other’s motives. We label each other in the most extreme ways, eliminating the need for discourse.

Blues are socialists and commies. Reds are fascists. Blues want anarchy and cities in flames. Reds want a police state. Pick a side.

History teaches us two things.

First, ignorance breeds fear and education is the antidote. And second, despite all our ranting and hand-wringing, life will go on. Generations will pass and we will be dust.

While we’re here, let’s be heroes instead of cowards. Let’s face fear with courage. Face obstacles with tenacity. And accept that in suffering comes our greatest knowledge and triumph.

Instead of dividing on judgmental lines, we should combine against fear. Who you love, what toilet you use or what God you worship can’t hurt me, but your fear can.

Fearful or not, we’re on this earth for a short time. Meanwhile, let’s teach our children to be brave and confident.

Teach them to choose freedom over fear.



David Theodore

Wireless Ethernet Pioneer & Co-founder at Climate Resilient Internet, LLC